The making of...


..the Award Portrait of Ro and SuZ

In the weeks before Suzette passed away, she asked Jolie to create a cartoon-like portait of her and Ronald. This pen and ink drawing, had to be based on a photo Suzette had chosen. Suzette wanted it to be on the Ro & SuZ Award.

This is the photo that Suzette had chosen, for this photo, according to Suzette, was fun and showed them as they were:

Suzette wanted it to be something like the cartoon Jolie had made for Ronald, at Suzette's request, on December 10, 2004:


Translation: "Dear Sir.... clickety.. in response to... I can let you..." "Oranges! If only I had a market stall on the Dappermarket.." "Oh-oh, you have chips!" "Eh, no, that's my Cantenna..!" After tropical years, the first Internet-Discrimination-Hotline in the world said goodbye to Ronald, its founder..."

This Drinking coffee through a straw-cartoon was made in response to a comment Ronald got from some official: "Oh you work on the internet, then you probably do nothing but surf all day." To which Ronald had replied, "Unfortunately Ma'am, we drink coffee through a straw, that's the amount of work we have to do."

Jolie tried, but couldn't. Now that Ronald had died, and Suzette was terminally ill, it had become impossible to make jokes about a couple working themselves to death literally.

Suzette stuck with the photo she had chosen. It had to be the two of them both holding cigarettes.

So it became this pen drawing. Wacom artpad pen drawing, to be precise. Suzette was very pleased with this version:

Portrait preview

On October 8, 2021, Jolie returned to older versions of her drawing, combined one of them with the portrait Suzette liked, and sent the result to Suzette's phone:

Portrait preview

Suzette answered "Prachtig!!" (Magnificent!!) Less than an hour later, Suzette passed away, surrounded by friends.

Suzette and Ronald. May their memory be a blessing.

You can download the portraits as PDF-files:

Portrait Ro & SuZ pen drawing PDF | Portrait Ro & SuZ colourful PDF | Cartoon Ro Drinking coffee PDF

The original image, on which the Ro & SuZ portrait below was based, is Ro's diagonal photo:

Suzette en Ronald
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