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Countless projects

Ronald and Suzette organized countless events and projects, even without any funding or budget. If the cause was important to them, they tried to set up the project no matter what.

You will find many events on the Archives & History page.

1995 Sarajevo Calling

Suzette about Sarajevo Calling: "In 1995, we had a campaign called Sarajevo Calling. The oldest Jewish charitable organization in the former Yugoslavia, La Benevolencija, was distributing meals and medicine to the Muslim and Christian communities, all citizens of Sarajevo, and they ran out of supplies. Within two weeks, we organized a food and medicine airlift that filled two Hercules transport planes. Supermarkets made it possible for people to donate food and "Pharmacists Without Frontiers" donated supplies necessary for emergency rooms. A vitamin company donated pills. The Dutch Air Force couldn’t land, so we had to put it on a boat. It was the first food and medicine brought into Sarajevo in three months."

Magenta 2003 website

The History-page and Projects-page of the Magenta 2003 site describe several early projects in Dutch. We managed to re-upload backups of these pages.

Eye to eye

The Eye to Eye project was not entirely uncontroversial. But it created awareness, and that was the main goal, according to Suzette and Ronald: The workshop aimed to bring a change in behavior by letting people experience how discrimination works in practice.

Crosspoint Anti Racism

The Crosspoint Anti Racism was once the Net's biggest collection of links in the field of of Human Rights, Anti-Racism, Refugees, Women's rights, Antifascism etc. It also listed links to Jewish organizations, Migrant organizations and others. We managed to re-upload backups of the 1996-Crosspoint-pages.


Founding of Coalition Europe. Coalition Europe was a Pan-European Human Rights coalition in which a broad spectrum of Human Rights, antiracism, anti-discrimination groups, migrant organisations, women, LGTB, Roma, Jewish, Muslims and African descendants organisations work together on one single Human Rights issue at a time.

Coalition Europe's mission was to promote the empowerment of women, men and children in all their diversity; to advance respect, dignity and equality for all; to combat all forms of discrimination, exclusion and violence, to ensure full access for all individuals to their human rights and their full participation in all spheres of society and life.


The Coalition Europe-website was created with zero budget. The website ran on PHP, and cannot be re-run on a modern webserver. So the original content cannot be shown here.

Coalition Europe's goal was to develop a transparent and sustainable Pan-European Human Rights coalition that works with the participation and the contribution of its member organisations coming from all different regions of Europe in a consensus based structure;
To voice the concerns of its member organisations by developing common campaigns with the view of denouncing Human Rights violations committed by state or non state actors and promoting social justice all over Europe;
To build solidarity, cooperation and trust among its member organisations and to work respecting the principles of equality, pluralism and non-violence; To promote solidarity, tolerance, inclusion and equality throughout Europe

Members of Coalition Europe were:
Magenta Foundation (Netherlands)
The Monitoring Group (UK)
Demos Centre (Russian Federation)
ARCI (Italy)
SOS-rassismus deutschschweiz (Switzerland)
European Union of Jewish Students
The Latvian Centre for Human Rights


On March 15th 2008, Coalition Europe held a press conference at the House of Commons in the UK Parliament to launch its pan-European Campaign to combat hate crimes- From Hate Crimes to Human Rights. The conference highlighted the rising incidence of hate crimes throughout Europe and called attention to the Coalition’s desire to create a greater understanding and awareness of prevalence of hate-motivated crimes within all regions of Europe. The campaign aims to advocate for effective legislation and policy against hate crimes and for increased victim support.

Coalition Europe launched a petition to support European Hate Crimes legislation.

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Suzette en Ronald
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...is dedicated to Suzette Bronkhorst and Ronald Eissens, and their relentless, uncompromising battle against racism, discrimination, fascism, extremism and cyber hate. We will preserve their legacy and continue to give our best for a better world, a world of peace, hope and respect for all.

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